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Changzhou Jianwei Electric Co.,Ltd was establiished in 1997, the company is located in th old times.the beautiful ancient city of Jiangnan-Changzhou Jiangsu, the company is located in the famous Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Yokoyama crossing ,only 30 minutes away from Changzhou Airport and convenient transportation.

Companies focus on intelligent display instrument R & D ,production and sales ,wiring harness production and sales,with annual sales of billions of dollars.Products are widely used in electric motorcycles,electric bicycles,lithium bicycles and three leisure vehicles, electricfour-wheelers and home appliances. The company has  a comprehensive development of clean procucts, the finished product assembly workshop ,a full set of advanced detection equipment .Laboratory equipment, in the same industy in a leading level.Company electric car instrumentation ,annual production capacity of more than 10 million sets of lights ,wire and cable annual output value of over 50 million yuan.Company products sold at home and abroad ,and in Tianjin,Wuxi,Taizhou,Shandong and other regions set up marketing subsidiaries,dedicated to provide customers with all-round,three-dimensional service and quality and efficient products.


Detail decides enterprise product, we have  advanced production and processing testing equiment, fully automated production line, rigorous testing  procedures ,in order to improve machining  precision products,achieve the efficient production of products , so as to improve the work efficiency ,reduce production cost, improve the processing quality ,fast producion high quality products , to strengthen quality inspection of product realization process, achieving high quality management idea transfomation.

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To provide customers with a full range of services and high quality and efficient products.

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